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Image by Roy McCree
Image by Des Récits

Gull Management

Also federally protected, there are a few species of gulls commonly known for nesting on commercial rooftops and causing issues in industrial, waterfront, and other settings. Ring-billed gulls, herring gulls, and occasionally other species of gulls and terns pose a risk to infrastructure and buildings with acidic droppings that can degrade wood, metal, and plastic. These birds are known to nest in large colonies but can also cause trouble when seeking food resources. Landfills, agricultural fields, and retail spaces can all draw in hungry gulls which can in turn cause conflict with people. To date we have managed colonies numbering greater than 600 at a single rooftop site and hope to continue offering solutions for conflicts with gulls. We also help assist property managers and landowners in applying for Environment Canada permits and can provide regular written status update reports for ongoing management plans.

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